Let’s get creative! Do you want to become the next Leonardo da Vinci or Pablo Picasso? This week is the time for creativity. Be prepared to use God’s beautiful creations to make amazing masterpieces. Throughout the week we will express who we are as God's children using paint, sculptures, and more!
Field Trip: Paint the Town Citrus, Crystal River
Just do it! LeBron James and Serena Williams are heroes on the court and you can be too! This week we will expand our sport’s knowledge all while having fun. Join in on the game with a friend and become a competitive duo or learn what being on a team really means this week. Save your spot on the sports field as we score a goal with the great opportunity to honor God through sports.
Field Trip: Sky Zone, Ocala
Sea angels, squid-worms, and sea nettles, oh my! Stop by camp during week three to learn about all of the creepy crawly land creatures and to discover animals living in the deep blue sea. Take the chance to learn about all of the creatures that God has created; those that swim in the sea or those that walk on land.
Field Trip: Two Tail Ranch Elephant Sanctuary, Williston
Dance your feet silly and sing your heart out! This week at camp we worship God with our stunning dance moves and stellar songs. Get ready to boogie and become the star that we know you are. Join in during this lively week for a time of your life!
Field Trip: Weeki Wachee Springs Mermaid Show, Spring Hill
Get ready to explore the great outdoors! Get ready for the trip of your life as we adventure through stories and maps, survival challenges, and physical escapades. As we travel our journey, we will have a chance to take a look at some of God’s adventures and how His mighty Kingdom knows no bounds!
No Field Trip this week
Lights, Cameras, Action! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play a character in a movie? You could be a swashbuckling pirate, a super-secret spy, or the queen of all the land! Then week six is the week for you! As we venture into our acting abilities and learn about the makings of a great production, we will have the chance to praise god through our work and learn how we can play a positive role in the great production of life.
Field Trip: The Valeri Theatre, Inverness
This week we’re all about competition. Let’s get excited as we keep our eyes on the prize. From competitions that require physical strength to the ones that are all about brain power, we will see who’s got the stamina to withstand the heat? We'll learn about winning and losing and what it means to work on a team. We will also learn about what God has to say about each of those. It might not be what you think.
Field Trip: Manatee Lanes, Crystal River
Chow down during our last week of camp! Take the opportunity to see what it takes to stay in the kitchen this week as we learn new recipes and create culinary masterpieces. We will learn about different ways to create food and different types of food seen around the world. These creations will be fun and rewards us when we are done. Join us as we learn how to praise God while we taste our blessings.
Field Trip: Publix Cake Decorator, On-site