Reformed Theology

Class at Seven Rivers

Reformed Theology is a required class for anyone in a leadership role at Seven Rivers, but everyone is welcome to take this class.

In this eight-week class, taught by Adam Jones, you will study the biblical truths held by our church and denomination (Presbyterian Church in America). The following textbooks are required for this class: Essential Truths Of The Christian Faith and The Westminster Confession Of Faith*; both are available in our bookstore.

Reformed Theology is offered once a year — typically beginning in late February or early March.

*The Westminster Confession Of Faith is also available for download here.

Check out the app, "Christian Creeds and Reformed Confessions," available for download from iTunes or the Google Play store. This is a great tool as you study Reformed Theology.

Current Class Details:

  • Begins February 21, 2018
  • 6:30 - 8:00 pm
  • Florida Room
Current Class Schedule
February 21 Class 1: Leaders for Christ's Church
February 28 Class 2: The Trinity | The Authority of Scripture
March 7 Class 3: The Sovereignty of God | God the Creator
March 14 Class 4: The God of Grace
March 21 Class 5: The Ordo Salutis
April 4 Class 6: Covenant Theology | The Sacraments
April 11 Class 7: The Christian and His Conduct | Church Discipline
April 18 Class 8: The Final Things
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